Nordic Seniors on the Move. Mobility and Migration in Later Life.

Anne Leonora Blaakilde & Gabriella Nilsson (Eds).
Lund Studies in Arts and Cultural Sciences, vol 4, 2013.

I believe that all people need to move about. Actually, some have difficulties in doing so. They stay in their home neighbourhoods, where they’ve grown up and feel safe. I can understand that, but my wife and I, we didn’t want that. We are more open to new ideas.

This anthology is about seniors on the move. In seven chapters, Nordic researchers from various disciplines, by means of ethnographic methods, attempt to comprehend the phenomenon of Nordic seniors who move to leisure areas in their own or in other countries; covering International Retirement Migration, life style migration and rural migration. Furthermore, these Nordic experiences are contextualised in an international perspective by the architect Deane Simpson who has studied and worked with gerotopias around the world. This anthology presents a joint statement, intended for international scholars in the field, but also for Nordic policymakers and practitioners involved in the daily life and needs of the many people who move in later life. If movers and migrants in later life wish for a good read – you are most welcome.

The editors Anne Leonora Blaakilde and Gabriella Nilsson are ethnologists from respectively University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and Lund University, Sweden.